F2 – Online Instructor Course


Online Theory Course for candidates Instrcutors of Form 2.


The Form 2 material provided in this course will give the applicants the theory information and the general view of how this combat style works and the details of the techinques, movementes and definitions.

You'll receive an email with the instructions to access the online course within 2 working days. If you do not receive the email within this period, please contact us at: international@ludosport.net

The Online course is not sufficient for a complete formation of an instructor, that will require a certain amount of hours in the gym with a qualified Tecnico of the LudoSport Network to be completed.

After the course with a Tecnico it will be possible to attend the Exam to be certified as a Form II instructor. In order to be certified the online course has to be completed and the online test has to be passed (even before the start of the course with the Tecnico).