Why joining LudoSport?
To exercise and train yourself in a positive and welcoming environment, to savour a friendly competitive system of competitions, to meet people with a shared passion from all around the world. Or simply to wield a lightsaber learning how to use it properly in a sporting way.

LudoSport+ User Instruction Manual

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  • 1- Access to LudoSport Network
  • 2 -Membership Fees
  • 3- Use your LudoSport+
  • 4- Live the experience

Create a user

Register your User on LudoSport+ by entering the basic data. In the registration form indicate your current Academy or Club by selecting it from the drop-down menu.
After registering please login. Login

Support the Network

€ 29,99/year
Membership senior (over 14)

€ 19,99/year
Membership junior (up to 14)

2 -Second step: Click above for pay the fee that allows you to obtain the status of active member of the LudoSport Network.

Explore and learn about Ludosport+ resources

3 -Third step: Access Ludosport+ content. The Network’s only official platform showcasing ratings, athletes, events, digital resources and communications tools.


Take your place among the LudoSport people

4- Fourth step: Join a Club or Academy, show your Network membership and ask for the general and economic conditions to access the services it offers. And now you too can live the experience of the most complete, surprising and satisfying sport. The Light Saber Combat Sport created by LudoSport Masters and accessible to anyone.

What does it mean to be a LudoSport+ Active Member?

By activating a Membership after signing up to LudoSport+, you support the the Founder Masters in the development of the discipline and the International Team to coordinate the Network expansion.
We are grateful for the help you give us to spread the lightsaber fencing discipline and the values of Servizio, Cura and Rispetto.

The Membership is the pre-requisite to enroll and participate to the activities provided by LudoSport Academies/Halls (priced separately by the local organization) and access to competitions as an Athlete.
War and Style points gathered by Athletes participating to Rated competitions are recorded on LudoSport+ Global Ranking to determine who are the Best. Top Athletes will be able to join the Winners of the National Tournaments and compete at the International Champions’Arena.

On LudoSport+ Members can access discussion groups, the official Calendar and the catalogue of services developed by the Masters and the International Network (Instructor Courses, Workshops with the Masters) or ask for Activities.

Begin a new journey
Become a LudoSport teacher.

The path to start teaching the LudoSport combat system is now easier than ever. No previous preparation required, just passion, commitment, leadership, humility and a welcoming attitude. 

Find or become a Teacher

Find the best one among LudoSport teachers to be in charge of classes. But if no one is available, be the best one yourself!

1. Learn the basics

Prepare yourself with the Online Theory Course of Form 1 and take the exam to be ready for the next step.


2. Prove yourself

Once passed the theory exam, you can access the in-person course (8 days) and take the final exam to become a certified Instructor.


3. Let’s go!

You can start teaching in the Academy you are a member of. You don’t have one? Open your own!.

Be part of the network
Open a LudoSport Academy.

In order to open an Academy you must be a LudoSport teacher or find a teacher to run the classes. And the access price is within anyone’s reach.

1. Find or become a Teacher

Find the best one among LudoSport teachers to be in charge of classes. But if no one is available, be the best one yourself!

2. Create your Academy

Submit all relevant information and accept all terms to become part of the network. You will shortly receive the official appointment by LudoSport International with a link to activate your first venue.

3. Activate your Hall

After creating your Academy, you will be required to activate your first venue, and subsequent ones whenever needed. Your pupils will be able to join you while accessing LudoSport+ and you will be able to manage them.