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  1. Request the Founder Masters / International Network an Activity / Service (Examples: Instructor Course at your Academy, Awakens Event in your City, Workshop by a Founder Master;
  2. Request the Founder Masters / International Network the approval for an Activity that concerns an audience larger than the members of your Academy (Examples: Instructor Courses, National Tournaments, Open Tournaments);

Approved Activities/Services are eligible for publication on LudoSport+ Calendar (see the dedicated Form), thus gaining a higher visibility.


  • Local Activities/Services dedicated exclusively to Academy members only do not require approval;
  • Trial Classes / Events at Conventions do not require approval;


1– I am a Tecnico who wants to schedule an instructor course in certain days and in a certain city.
2– I am a Tecnico or Instructor who wants to schedule a specialization course (Example: F1 Settima and Ottava) open to Athletes of any Academy.
3– I am a Tecnico or Instructor who wants to schedule a streaming event based on the educational heritage of LudoSport.
4– I am a Rector who needs to increase the Forms offered by the Instructors of my Academy. I submit the form to ask the International Network for a Master or Tecnico to organize an Instructor Course in my Area.
5– I am a Rector who likes to organize an Event involving LudoSport members even outside my Academy. I submit the form to request for approval. Approved Events are eligible to be published on LudoSport+ Calendar.
6– I am an Athlete who inquires for the availability of Founder Master or Tecnico for specific lessons / seminars for myself or a small group of friends.

7– I am an Instructor or a Technician and I would like to propose or publish multimedia content (streaming, video, interactive activities online) such as lessons, insights, training routines unofficial, involving users and / or not members of the network even not belonging to my academy.

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