LudoSport Network membership activation – JUNIOR 2023/2024


Network Memberships provide resources to Founder Masters to continue the studies needed to develop LudoSport discipline and to the International Management Team to coordinate Global events and promote a worldwide growth.

Active Membership provides:

⭐️ Eligibility to sign-up to courses, classes, workshops and events in LudoSport Academies/Clubs;
⭐️ Activation of your Athlete profile on L+;
⭐️ Listing on National and Global Rankings on L+;
⭐️ Ability to create a new LudoSport Hall;
⭐️ Ability to sign-up to Instructor Courses;

JUNIOR Membership shall be selected by athletes up to 14 y.o. at the moment of the activation.
Membership is valid from the day of the activation to August 31st 2024.

The purchase of the LudoSport Membership is non-refundable.


LudoSport Network Member fee Junior (under 14)
Season 2023/2024