SIS 2023 – Booking


SIS 2023 Reservation Deposit

Complete the payment to confirm your reservation to SIS 2023. If the reservations for a class exceed the allowed capacity, priority will be given to participants who paid the reservation deposit first.

Instructions to complete balance payment within May 31st will be communicated by email in the upcoming weeks.

Before completing the payment, make sure to review information about SIS 2023 available on the Pre-Registration Form.




At Scuola Internazionale Superiore (SIS) 2023 Masters run in-presence courses in English to qualify participants as Instructors in LudoSport Forms. Qualification will be provided to candidates passing the final exam (not guaranteed). Following are the in-presence courses classes confirmed for SIS 2023:

  • Form 1
  • Course Y
  • Form 3 (Long Saber)
  • Form 4 (Long Saber) (ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT!)
  • Form 5 (Long Saber, Short Sabers)


  • Check-in: July 21st
  • Classes: July 22nd – July 28th
  • Exams: July 29th
  • Check-out: July 30th


BES Hotel La Muratella” – Strada Provinciale Francesca, 10, Via del Cassinello, 1, 24055 Cologno al serio BG – Italy


  1. Candidates must be registered on LudoSport+ digital platform;
  2. Candidates must have an active membership on LudoSport+ digital platform for season 2022/2023.


  • Participant fee: EUR 1649 all taxes included. Full board, Instructor Course, SIS Kit, extras not included;
  • Companion fee: EUR 1249 all taxes included. Full boad, extras not included.
  • Extra for single room: EUR 240

Deposit is 500€ to pay at the registration. Balance must be payed within May 31st or within a week from the registration starting from June.


  • EUR 500 penalty applies for each participant notifying cancellation between June 15th and June 30th;
  • EUR 999 penalty applies for each participant notifying cancellation after June 30th;


  • In case of cancellation of a class or the entire SIS due to force majeure after 31/05, the organization will return paid sums deducted by EUR 150 for each participant fee and a voucher of the same amount will be provided. Voucher will be valid as discount for any other in-prensence course organized by LudoSport International. The organization is not responsible for any cost borne by participants connected to their partecipations to SIS (e.g. travel, insurances, meals, etc.).